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29 April 2009

Pretty in Pink

We’re just tickled pink these days. With the sun shinining and nary a cloud in the sky we’re in the mood to forgo our dark winter wardrobe and add cheer to our wardrobe with brights. Whether you choose fuchsia, pale pink, watermelon or bubblegum, there is a hue to flatter every lady. ~Nola Weinstein
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23 April 2009

Hair Care Tips

Hair normally has a moisture content of approximately 10%. If your hair�s moisture content drops below this level the key is to increase the hair�s ability of attract and retain moisture. This is accomplished by using moisturizers.

Good ones have "humectants" that not only replace lost moisture but actually attract moisture and retain it in the cortex of the hair. Essential fatty aids (EFA�s) are great moisturizers. One of the best and most cost effective essential fatty acids is safflower oil. It is the kind you can buy to cook with. It is rich in EFA�s.

The scalp produces the best EFA�s called sebum. The problems is once the hair grows past the neck line or does not have direct contact with the scalp the scalps natural oils can not be utilized throughout the hair shaft.

You can manually replace the lost EFA�s by:

  • Placing 1 or 2 drops of safflower oil in your palms and rub them together.
  • There should only be enough to make your hands "shine" in the light.
  • Carefully take your hair (while dry) and "scrunch" the small amount of oil to the ENDS first and work toward the scalp.
  • Leave this in your hair.
  • 1-2 drops of safflower oil on dry hair is so small, you won�t notice it is there.

Doing the above as often as necessary will ensure your dry hair will have the proper amount of humectants to attract and reatin moisture. The key is that a small amount will go a long way.

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15 April 2009

Top 5 Little Black Dresses

Whether you're heading off to a class reunion or walking the decks of a cruise ship, the little black dress is a no-fail option. Look for details that flatter your shape (strapless to show off great shoulders; waist details to optimize an hourglass shape) and pick a length anywhere from mini to right below the knee for the most versatile look.

1. Illusion Top Little Black Dresses

Get a designer look for less with this Maggy London illusion-top black dress, which features pleats in the style of the trendy bandage dress. This dress comes in an easy-to-wear matte jersey (stretch) and sizes 2-16.

2. One Shoulder Jersey

Want to knock-em-dead with your fashion sense? Try this up-to-the-minute style: a one-shoulder jersey dress from Lauren by Ralph Lauren. It comes with a flattering fuller skirt, in sizes 6-16.

3. Plus Size

We love the idea of sexy shapes for curvy girls, too. This suspended neck little black dress features jersey fabric and empire waist for a flattering fit.

4. Tie Waist

This soft little black dress features a face-framing V-neck, an empire waist (makes you look longer and leaner) and full skirt (to hide any lower body problem areas). It comes in petite, plus and regular misses sizes, too.

5. Lace Ballerina

Need more style from your little black dress? This Tracy Reese ballerina dress is ultra feminine, with its floral print lace and built-in slip with ruffled hem
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12 April 2009

Latest make up tips

As the old adage says, the eyes are the windows to the soul, this may be true for it has the ability to express emotion even without a word being said. Hot and bright colors are in when the temperature starts to rise to new heights and what better way to face the world on a hot summer night on the town that with bright, bold and alluring eyes.
First prime the underneath of your eyes and eye lids with some matte foundation which makes the skin better to handle. Get hold of a slanted brush and starting from the point near the nose, dab some of your favorite colors extending it out from the eyes outwards.
Then use a same colored eye liner and line the bottom of the eyes to match the upper shade. Use a contrasting color on the work you did above the lids extending outwards to go inline with the first shade of color you chose extending the curvature of the lids when closed till the mid-point of the eye and the temple.
With an eyeshadow brush, apply the same shade on the lower part under the eye to join with the upper side to complete the look, now you get alluring eyes. They may be too dramatic for a casual day, so skip the second shade to make it simpler and lessen the drama of your eyes.
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09 April 2009

Orange Bag by Kate Spade La Playa

May is coming to a close and that means that you will be hitting the beach in a matter of days. To enjoy a weekend by the sea you’ve got to come prepared, and so your tote must be practically bottomless. The Kate Spade La Playa De Cebra beach tote is roomy enough to hold your towel, SPF, shades, water bottle, beach read and any other seaside essential you desire. The cute safari-inspired pattern will carry you through the day and into the night when you stop by your favorite beachy joint for a daiquiri. Consider yourself fully equipped.
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